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LED Indicator Lights - Bundle

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New LED indicators from HogLights!  

IMPORTANT NOTE - We have designed new units to replace these that are brighter again! They are presently in manufacturing and will be ready in about 4 weeks (approx delivery from end March 17).  You are welcome to place an order now or wait a couple of weeks to do so. 

These hare been engineered to be as bright as possible. The indicators are available in Amber and come as a complete set, including 4 LED indicators & LED Load Equaliser. We have these available in 1156 (single function) and 1157 (dual function) styles.  

These are available for both Bullet & Flat (with included adaptor) style indicators.  

These indicators fit into the standard Bullet or Flat style housing. With the 1156/1157 base on the indicators, installation is as easy as removing your exiting indicator bulbs and plugging the new LED light in.  Installation takes 2 minutes and can be done without tools.  

As LED's take less power to run the normal bulbs, a LED load equaliser may be required for the indicatiors.


When replacing stock incandescent light bulbs with any type LED indicator retrofit on pre 2014 Harley-Davidson motorcycles a load equaliser (load balancer) may be need required. The load equalizer will enable the bike to retain the stock flashing speed and not have the bike show a code (via red key on dash).

All units have a five (5) year warranty against manufacturing defects.  

The CREE LED's are rated for 30,000 hours (approx 11.3 years of 8 hours a day operation).

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