HogLights Warranty Policy

Limited Warranties & Procedures

Auto LED Group Pty Ltd (ABN: 32 619 968 795) T/A HogLights Australia (hereby known as HogLights) extends a Limited Warranty to the original purchaser that the warranted products defined below are free from defects in workmanship and/or materials only, whereby will replace any warranted product to the original consumer/purchaser if the product fails because of defect due to workmanship and/or materials within the limited warranty period from the date imprinted on the product.  Each Limited Warranty as applicable is not transferable and applies to the original installation of the HogLights product.  To be eligible for Limited Warranty protection the HogLights products must remain intact, free from physical abuse, and not subject to improper installation.  The Limited Warranty of the lamp products applies to 12-volt lamps only.  This offer does not constitute in any way a product guarantee and HogLights does not hereby assume any obligation of any kind whatsoever beyond sending a free replacement product.  Unless expressly agreed to in writing by HogLights, HogLights does not warrant its products as to their fitness for any special use or function.

HogLights believes our products should provide good service under proper operating conditions.  In view of this, many of our products have a Limited Warranty for special periods of time, based on product date. These Limited Warranties are as follows:

  • 55xx series, 7” round sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • 55xx series, 7” oval sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • 55xx series, 7” triangular sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • 40xx series, 5.75” round sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • 40xx series, 4.5” round sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • 45xx series, 5.75” round sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • Fxxx series, rectangular sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • BMxxxx series, sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • DMxxxx series, sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • YMxxxx series, sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • SBxxxx series, sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • HLAxxx series, stop/turn/tail sealed lamps (12 volt only) have an eight-four (84) month limited warranty.
  • LEDxx series, round/turn/tail sealed inserts (12 volt only) have an eighty-four (84) month limited warranty.


Simply stated

HogLights Limited Warranty does NOT allow claims resulting from the following conditions:
  • Abuse, neglect and damage
  • Modifications and alterations
  • Improper installation
  • Chemical exposure (e.g. cleaning solutions)
  • Voltage transients, spikes and over-voltage
  • Naturally occurring phenomena such as condensation & corrosion


Abuse, Neglect & Damage

Abuse and neglect includes damage beyond the daily wear and tear of a light. Examples of damage caused by abuse or neglect can be defined by, but not limited to the following:

  • Cracked / dented housings
  • Cracked lenses
  • Scratched / scuffed lenses
  • Damaged plugs
  • Removed vent patches


Chemical Exposure

Particular chemicals will result in the softening, crazing, and/or cracking of polycarbonate plastics. This is especially important for lamps and mounting bases that experience routine stress and strain in their everyday application.

The following chemicals & cleaners ARE compatible with polycarbonate:

#1 & #3 denatured alcohol Lacryl PCL-2035 polycarbonate cleaner
10% Sol Bon Ami Methyl, isopropyl & isobutyl alcohols
2% Sol Reg. Joy Mild soap & water
Dirtex Mineral spirits
Ethanol Petroleum Ether / 65 °C boiling point
Freone TF & TE-35 Varsol No. 2
Heptane VM & P Naphtha


White Kerosene


The following chemicals & cleaners are NOT compatible with polycarbonate:

Acetone Liquid Cleaner – 8211
Agitne Lysol
Ajax Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK)
All liquid detergents MIBK
Benzol Oils
Carbon Tetrachloride Pink Lux (phosphate free)
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Stanisol Naphtha
Diversol Texize – 8006, 8129, 8758
Gasoline Toluol
Kleenol Plastics Trichlor
Lemon Joy (phosphate free) Triclene


Corrosion & Natural Phenomena

When left exposed to harsh environmental conditions and continuous water exposure, lamps and their electrical system are subject to chipped paint and cracked lenses. This wear and tear can cause corrosion, interrupting current flow and LEDs to fail.

The best way to avoid these issues is to practice proper maintenance and avoid using aggressive chemicals that tend to speed up corrosion. Refer to the Chemical Exposure chart above for a list of chemicals that are not compatible.



Condensation is a naturally occurring condition that can affect any light. It does not suggest a defect in a product, as opposed to what happens when a leak occurs, in which case there is water ingress that could lead to a system failure. The explanation contained herein is intended to help end users differentiate between these two conditions, so they understand what, if anything, needs to be done.

Condensation Water Ingress
Condensation is the change of water from a gaseous form (vapor) into liquid water. It appears as small droplets of moisture inside the light. Water ingress describes water that leaks into the light, manifesting itself as large droplets and pooling of water that is clearly visible.
Condensation Image Water Ingress

Condensation does not cause a problem with normal operation of the light and is, therefore, NOT considered to be a defect or warrantable condition.

In fact, HogLights LED lamps are designed to allow moisture to escape and not re-enter, but it takes time for the moisture to evaporate (the amount of time will depend upon whether or not the light is turned on or not).

Sources of water ingress can vary. If a light suffers water ingress as the result of physical abuse and/or misuse, it would not constitute a manufacturing defect.

Otherwise, water ingress caused by a defect in workmanship is a warrantable item. In this event, please contact the dealer who supplied the product to schedule a return.


Virtually all lights are prone to condensate due to the following events:

  • Air is trapped inside a lamp when manufactured
  • Plastic parts used in lights naturally absorb moisture in the air
  • As the light heats up these plastics parts release moisture that mixes with air
  • Moisture attaches itself to the coolest part of the lamp, e.g. the lens
  • Halogen lamps tend to run hot, so the moisture evaporates more quickly
  • LED lights produce less heat, so moisture takes longer to evaporate, so it can be more noticeable


Improper Installation

Proper light installation takes time and patience, and if not properly executed, it can lead to malfunctions and damage to the light. Examples of improper installation that will void your warranty include:

  • Using damaged, pinched, or shorted wires
  • Using damaged connectors / terminals
  • Unsecured mating connectors or bare wires exposed to water ingress
  • Installing vehicle lights to the incorrect vehicle year
  • Insufficient torque applied to mounting hardware
  • Improper installation location


Modifications and Alterations

Modifications to the product can change the output and put strain on the light, causing malfunction. Examples of alterations that will void your warranty include:

  • Modified wires
  • Modified plugs
  • Modified mating connector and connection areas


Voltage Transients & Spikes

Voltage spikes can occur when lamps are used with inappropriate voltage systems by additional accessories in the system. An excess of voltage may destroy or severely weaken the lamp & light output. If the system is overloaded, it may not receive adequate voltage to run properly, causing similar outages and weakened output.


Sealed LED Series Lamp Warranty

HogLights extends a Limited 7 Year Warranty to the original purchaser that the Sealed LED lamp is free from defects in workmanship and/or materials only. HogLights will replace any Sealed LED Lamp to the original consumer/purchaser, if the lamp fails due to defects in workmanship and/or materials only.

The Limited Warranty does not apply to severe applications such as buses, construction equipment and off-road vehicles. These applications are example only and are not all inclusive of each excluded application. Many chemicals and/or cleaners are incompatible with Sealed LED products. The Limited Warranty does not apply to damage associated with incompatible chemicals or cleaners. Not subject to improper installation or modification and must be used only with HogLights approved wiring accessories. Any violation of these conditions will void this Limited Warranty.


Product Warranty

All other products in our catalogue may be eligible for a replacement if the failure is deemed to be due to a failure in either material or workmanship within the specified timeline of the applicable manufacturer. The replacement of defective products is made at the discretion of HogLights and is based on the results of an analysis of the returned products by our warranty administrator.

Products submitted for Limited Warranty consideration may be inspected by our laboratory. Replacement will be based upon HogLights uniform limited warranty procedure and/or the result of the laboratory evaluation. Charges for damages and/or labor costs cannot be accepted by HogLights. As stated earlier, we believe our products should provide good service under proper operating conditions, and this attitude will be reflected in our consideration of items returned for examination.

The HogLights Limited Warranty Program does not constitute, in any way, a product guarantee, and HogLights does not hereby assume any obligations of any kind whatsoever beyond sending a free replacement of the product when covered by a Limited Warranty.

There are no warranties, expressed or implied (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness), which extend beyond this Limited Warranty. The loss of use of the product, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, incidental or consequential damages are not covered. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the design of the product without assuming any obligation to modify any product previously manufactured or to replace warranted product other than with redesigned product.

This Limited Warranty gives you special legal rights.  You may also have other rights from state to state.  Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the above limitation(s) or exclusion(s) may not apply to you.


Product Replacement Instructions

To be eligible for Limited Warranty consideration, the consumer must deliver the product, at their cost, to the original place of purchase or to any other place which may be nominated by either HogLights or the retailer from where the product was purchased in order that a warranty assessment may be performed.  If returned to a retailer, the product must be returned to HogLights for full assessment to be performed.  The customer must also deliver the original invoice evidencing the date and place of purchase together with an explanation in writing as to the nature of the claim. 

Prior to returning the product the consumer must contact HogLights, the HogLights Dealer in your area or call HogLights Customer Service on +61 7 3350 3000.  Upon issuance of a RETURNED GOODS AUTHORISATION NUMBER, return the failed product to HogLights, 67 Araluen Street, Kedron, Queensland, 4031 Australia, to the attention of the Warranty Administrator.

Any product covered under the terms of the respective Limited Warranty will be replaced with another like product and will be sent directly to the original consumer/purchaser only.  The consumer/ purchaser may request a written report on any product submitted for warranty evaluation that is not covered under the respective Limited Warranty.  Items received will not be returned.

In the event that the claim is determined to be for a minor failure of the product then HogLights reserves the right to repair or replace it at its discretion. In the event that a major failure is determined the consumer will be entitled to a replacement or a refund.

This warranty is in addition to any other rights or remedies that the consumer may have under State or Federal legislation.



All lighting products generate heat! Care should be taken to avoid contact with flammable material.



Any unauthorized substitution or modification to products or packaging manufactured or sold by HogLights could cause bodily injury or affect the performance and safe operation of the product. HogLights shall not be liable for personal injury or property damages caused by unauthorized substitutions or modifications.



HogLights products do not place a person at risk by exposure to chemicals and can be properly disposed of in an approved landfill.



LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) use less current than incandescent products and may affect the proper operation of other electronic devices or systems on the vehicle.  Always confirm proper operations and/or verify the LED Lighting products compatibility with the vehicle manufacturer.  Designed to conform to applicable Federal Safety Standards.  Meets applicable SAE Standards, UNECE Standards – Automotive and US DOT Requirements.