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Phantom Drivers & Dashboard Discos: The Dual Dilemmas of Night Riding!

by Nathan Ford 01 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Phantom Drivers & Dashboard Discos: The Dual Dilemmas of Night Riding!

Ah, the joy of motorcycling under the star-lit sky! It’s a thrill seeker's paradise where we face the asphalt's gladiators, the 'Phantom Drivers' and the ‘Dash-light Delusionals'. These rare species take hide-and-seek and disco parties to the roads, turning my nocturnal rides into real-life versions of adrenaline-infused video games.

Phantom Drivers

Our first subject of the night, the Phantom Drivers, enjoy the thrill of moving mysteriously through the inky black, as elusive as a ninja at a shadow convention. Why just merely exist when you can exist as a question mark, right? Their two-ton metal beasts hurtle through the darkness, giving heart palpitations to us unsuspecting motorcyclists.

Dash-light Delusionals

Next up, we've got the Dash-light Delusionals, a lively bunch that believes in the "dashboard disco" theory. They operate under the principle: "As long as my dashboard is brighter than a supernova, surely my headlights must be illuminating the path ahead!" Ah, the optimism! It's endearing, really, if you ignore the fact that their vehicle is practically invisible from the outside.

The common denominator between these two? The inexplicable choice made by car manufacturers who decided to light the car interiors up like a sci-fi control panel, while giving no indication about the status of the headlights. Here's a wild idea, dear auto makers, how about linking dashboard lights with headlights? Or better yet, how about a friendly voice reminder: "Your car is not a stealth bomber. Turn on your lights!"

Until those changes come, I'll keep on playing "Spot the Phantom" and "Disco Dodge the Delusionals", always on the lookout for these elusive nocturnal creatures. It's like bird-watching meets Where's Waldo, only instead of birds or Waldo, we're tracking two-ton chunks of speeding metal in the dark.

So here's my heartfelt appeal to my four-wheeled friends: Give your inner ninja the night off. Switch off the dashboard disco and turn on those headlights. Your fellow road users, especially us bikers, will thank you. As for my fellow motorcyclists, keep those eyes peeled and ride on, because nothing beats the thrill of a moonlit ride - unexpected surprises notwithstanding.

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