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Over hearing SMIDSY?

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 29 Oct 2019 0 Comments


Ride a motorcycle? Wish the cagers could see you?

Sick of the dull, yellow glow of your OEM headlight *cough* bic? Yeah, we were too...that’s how HogLights was born!!

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown and now have LED headlights to suit over 2000 models of motorcycles - not just Harleys!

Yeah, you could pay on eBay for random lights, but guess what you’ll get.. yeah we aren’t too sure either!! 😆

Hoglights are a drop-in complete replacement insert and you KNOW you’re getting:

A light that FITS (helps doesn’t it!)
Plug + play designs
ADR/ECE/DOT compliance
Clearly visible E-mark on lens  <— this is not a given, even with the more “reputable” brands
Quick fit install - two beer job! 🍻
7 year warranty - that’s actually honored!
Bright AF clean, white LED light! 💡
Genuine CREE chips + quality internals 💥
SUPER tough polycarbonate lens 🔨
On call after sales support 📱
Aussie family business that gives a 💩
Hundreds of 5 ⭐️ reviews
Free shipping in Oz
Competitive international shipping rates 

Check out our online store trading 24/7 or locate one of our 230 dealers around the world

It’s that easy to #lightupyourride

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