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DRLs & Switchback Lighting - Boost Your Safety Game

by Nathan Ford 13 Apr 2023 0 Comments
DRLs & Switchback Lighting - Boost Your Safety Game

Daylight running lights (DRLs) and switchback lighting are two fantastic ways to level up your motorcycle safety game.

These DRLs automatically turn on when you start your bike, making you visible to other drivers even during the day. Here are a few killer benefits of having DRLs on your motorcycle. 

DRL Indicator on Amber

Be seen; stay safe: DRLs make your motorcycle stand out, reducing the chances of accidents. Keep yourself and your ride in one piece.

Get noticed; look mint: DRLs not only make you more visible but also give your bike a sleek, modern look. Who doesn't want to turn heads while staying safe?

Now onto switchback lighting. These genius lights combine DRLs and turn signals into one package. When you hit your turn signal, the DRLs change colour to indicate your intention to turn. Talk about being extra visible!

Here's how switchback lighting helps you:

Clear communication: say goodbye to confusion! Switchback lights make your intentions crystal clear to other drivers, preventing dangerous misunderstandings on the road.

DRL Indicator close up

Style points: admit it, switchback lighting looks sick. You'll be the envy of every rider in town with these bad boys on your bike. 

Where can you score these game-changing lights? You guessed it – HogLights! We've got an awesome selection of DRLs and switchback lighting designed to fit your motorcycle like a glove. Ready to upgrade your ride? Check out our collection here



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