Turn Signal Load Resistors To Replace Original 21 Watt Signals (10 Ohm, 18W), Pair

Turn Signal Troubles? HogLights' Load Resistors Make Hyper Flashing a Distant Memory!

Riding your motorcycle shouldn't feel like a disco with hyper-flashing turn signals. Say g'day to HogLights' Turn Signal Load Resistors, specially designed to help you swap from incandescent to LED turn signals without the fuss.

Benefit from the smoothest transitions on the road. Each 10 Ohm, 18 Watt resistor ensures your LED turn signals flash at the correct rate, making your intentions clear to all around you. No more erratic flashing, just pure, seamless operation that'd make a koala envious.

Quality? No worries there! HogLights' Turn Signal Load Resistors are made by Oxford, a brand known for its durability. These ceramic resistors are built to withstand the Australian outback and beyond. They're as reliable as a good old Aussie barbie.

Installation is as easy as a walkabout. You'll need one resistor for each turn signal being installed to your motorcycle. But hey, we've got you covered! Our resistors are sold in pairs, so you can upgrade both signals in one go. No drama, just great value.


  • Manufactured by Oxford
  • Ceramic resistors for optimal durability
  • Each resistor is 18 Watt, 10 Ohm
  • Sold as pairs for convenient installation
  • Specifically designed for LED turn signal replacement

So, why wait? Give your motorcycle the LED treatment it deserves with HogLights' Turn Signal Load Resistors. Ride the Australian roads with confidence and quality on your side.

Vendor: Oxford Products
Product Type: Indicator Accessories
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$ 8.90 AUD
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$ 8.90 AUD
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Oxford Products Indicator Accessories Turn Signal Load Resistors To Replace Original 21 Watt Signals (10 Ohm, 18W), Pair

Turn Signal Load Resistors To Replace Original 21 Watt Signals (10 Ohm, 18W), Pair

$ 8.90 AUD

Turn Signal Load Resistors To Replace Original 21 Watt Signals (10 Ohm, 18W), Pair

$ 8.90 AUD

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