SoundStream HDHU.14+ Digital Multimedia Receiver For 2014+ Harley-Davidson Touring

Ride in Style with Crystal Clear Tunes

Presenting the SoundStream HDHU.14+ Digital Multimedia Receiver—specially crafted for 2014+ Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles. Slide this beauty into your factory slot and experience a world of music, connectivity, and control like never before.

Why The HDHU.14+?:

  1. Easy Transition: Upgrading? Plug-n-play installation makes it a breeze! There’s no fuss about extra hardware, connectors, or antenna adapters. Simply plug in and ignite a whole new auditory journey.

  2. Retains What You Love: The bundled SWC adapter ensures you keep your cherished handlebar controls—no sacrifices here.

  3. Modern Tech Meets Classic Rides: With both Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto®, sync up your devices and enjoy the ultimate hands-free experience. Need directions or a chat with Siri or Google Assistant? All at your fingertips!

  4. Resilient & Durable: Boasting a low-pressure IPx5 water protection rating and UV protection, this headunit is built to withstand those unexpected splashes and sun's harsh rays.

  5. Crystal Clear Display: The 7” high-definition touchscreen isn’t just stunning—it’s capacitive, ensuring smooth interactions.

  6. Enhanced Sound: Dive into unparalleled soundscapes with a built-in equalizer, 4V RCA output, and a whopping 50w per channel amplifier.

Features That Impress:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Go wireless and stream your fave tracks seamlessly.
  • Customisation at Its Best: Tailor the display to your style! Customizable wallpaper and an adjustable RGB colour touch-sensitive front key system await.
  • Stay Charged: USB Smartphone Charging ensures you’re always juiced up during those long rides.
  • In-Built Amp & More: 10-band equalizer, diverse audio playback options, and a sturdy built-in amplifier make this headunit a rider's dream.

The SoundStream HDHU.14+ is not just a multimedia receiver—it's your ride's best mate. It's time to redefine your on-road music experience. Cruise down the road, tunes blasting, feeling every beat, and controlling it all from your handlebars. Let's ride, mate!

Vendor: Soundstream
Product Type: Audio - Head Units
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$ 1,850.00 AUD
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Soundstream Audio - Head Units SoundStream HDHU.14+ Digital Multimedia Receiver For 2014+ Harley-Davidson Touring

SoundStream HDHU.14+ Digital Multimedia Receiver For 2014+ Harley-Davidson Touring

$ 1,850.00 AUD

SoundStream HDHU.14+ Digital Multimedia Receiver For 2014+ Harley-Davidson Touring

$ 1,850.00 AUD

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  • Headunit Upgrade for 2014+ Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycles
  • Uses Stock Radio Mounting Location, No Hardware Required
  • Uses OE USB Connector & AM/FM Antenna, No Adapters Required
  • Water-Resistant Faceplate & Glass Panel Structure for IPx5 Splash Protection
  • 7” High-Definition LCD w/ Capacitive Touch Screen & RGB Illumination
  • Apple CarPlay w/ Siri Eyes Free & Android Auto w/ Google Assistant Built-in
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity for Audio Playback & Control
  • Customizable Wallpaper / Background (.jpg & .jpeg via USB)
  • Adjustable RGB Color Touch-Sensitive Front Keys
  • USB Smartphone Charging While Connected (5V/1.5A)
  • MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC Audio Playback via USB (64GB Max)
  • 4-Volt Front, Rear, & Subwoofer RCA Audio Pre-Outputs
  • 10-Band Equalizer w/ Preset Custom Settings & Graphical Display
  • 50w Per Channel, 2-Ohm Stable 4-Channel Amplifier Built-in
  • Included Handlebar Control Module

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Soundstream provide a two year warranty for their products.  Full details of Soundstreams warranty policy can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Soundstream Reserve

As the world of motorcycle audio evolves, Soundstream Reserve has emerged as a leading choice for many Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Their range of radios, specifically designed for Harleys, offers unparalleled quality, functionality, and style. Over time, a number of common queries and concerns have surfaced regarding these products. To assist both current and potential users, we've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Soundstream Reserve radios. Whether you're curious about model variations, waterproofing capabilities, or integration features, our FAQs aim to address your queries and enhance your riding experience.

What models has Soundstream released?

Soundstream has released the HDHU9813SG for the 1998-2013 Street Glide and the HDHU.14+ and the HDHU.14Si for 2014 and newer Street Glide and Road Glide models. They have also released the HDHU.9813RG for the 1998-2013 Road Glide models.

Is the Soundstream Reserve Harley Davidson radio waterproof?

Yes, the radio has been tested to be watertight. Even underwater, the display remains visible and functional.

What is the warranty on the Soundstream Reserve Harley radios?

Soundstream Reserve offers a two-year warranty on all their Harley radios.

What are some of the questions people have regarding the Soundstream reserve radios?

People are curious about which model to choose the HDHU.14+ and the new HDHU.14Si model. They want to know the feature differences and the benefits of each.

What was Soundstream Reserve's major introduction a year and a half ago?

Soundstream Reserve introduced the HDHU.14+, the first directly bolt-in Plug and Play radio for the 2014 and newer Harley-Davidsons. It was IPX rated and featured a better display, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Were there any concerns about the Soundstream radio when it was first introduced?

There were concerns about its durability and value for money, especially given its cost. However, a year and a half later, the radios have proven to be fantastic, according to reviews.

What are the feature differences between Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14+ and HDHU.14Si?

Both radios have many common features but also differences. The Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14Si radio stands out due to its unique customization options, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and its water-resistant IPX Marine rating, along with its direct integration into the bike, retaining and adding additional features. Additionally, it offers features and improvements that set it apart from other models like the HDHU14+.

Do Soundstream radios support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Yes, all versions of the Soundstream radios, like the HDHU.14+ and HDHU.9813RG, support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What screen size is required for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto require a minimum screen size for optimal functionality. The Soundstream radios meet these requirements.

How has the response been from users of Soundstream Reserve radios over an extended period?

Soundstream Reserve radios have been used on many Harleys for over a year, enduring varied conditions, including prolonged rain. The feedback has been positive, with no reported issues.

What makes the Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14Si radio distinct?

The Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14Si radio stands out due to its unique customisation options, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, and its water-resistant IPX Marine rating, along with its direct integration into the bike, retaining and adding additional features. Additionally, it offers features and improvements that set it apart from other models like the HDHU14+.

How does the Soundstream radio integrate with SiriusXM?

The Soundstream radio has a SiriusXM input, among many other features, for the HDHU.14+ model, users can download the SiriusXM app and use it through CarPlay or Android Auto.

What benefits do users get when ordering from HogLights?

When ordering from HogLights, users receive a two-year warranty because they are authorised dealers. Additionally, they ensure that the latest software is installed on the radio, eliminating users needing to perform software updates upon receipt.

What additional features are integrated at the top of the Soundstream radio?

To accommodate additional functionalities, Soundstream integrated features into the radio's top, enhancing its usability and design.

How does the Soundstream radio affect the sound quality?

Installing the Soundstream radio can make factory speakers sound better than ever. The audio can play much louder and clearer when paired with aftermarket speakers and an amplifier.

What are the benefits of Soundstream radio's customisation features?

The Soundstream radio offers the ability to change the colour of the buttons and set custom backgrounds, allowing users to personalise their radio to match their Harley better.

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