Denali CANsmart™ Controller GEN II - KTM 890 & New 1290 Series

Experience effortless installation of accessories on your KTM motorcycle with the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller GEN II, designed specifically for the KTM 890 & new 1290 series. This smart controller leverages the flexibility and intelligence of your KTM's CAN bus electrical system, making accessory installations drastically simpler and more efficient.

The DENALI CANsmart™ Controller offers plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories. This controller enables dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled directly from the KTM's existing handlebar switches, the optional KTM CANsmart Control Switch, or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software.

The CANsmart's four circuits are preprogrammed to independently control two sets of DENALI lights, a SoundBomb horn, and our B6 auxiliary brake light.

Gen II - More Features, More Power, More Versatile The GEN II version provides a full 10 amps of continuous power across all four circuits, and each circuit can be configured to run any accessory type. The entire unit can handle a maximum power draw of 30 amps continuously. The Gen II also introduces two new auxiliary light settings - modulation of your auxiliary lights for added conspicuity, and independent cancellation of left and right side lights when the corresponding turn signal is activated.


  • KTM Dongle Functionality: Enables additional features in the ABS control unit and the ECU and remembers settings to prevent the need to reset the ABS and MTC with every restart. Also activates the 80 octane "Bad Fuel" function, reducing engine power for lower fuel quality trips.
  • High/Low Sync: Programmable settings for auxiliary lights using the factory high beam switch.
  • ON/OFF and Dim: Independently control two sets of lights ON/OFF and brightness right from your bike's switches or via the software/optional control switch.
  • Modulate Lights: Enhance your visibility to other motorists with modulating auxiliary lights.
  • Flash to Pass: Draw attention by pulsing your high beam switch thrice to strobe your auxiliary lights.
  • Cancel With Turn Signal: Prevent your powerful auxiliary lights from overpowering your signal by cancelling the corresponding light when the turn signal is on.
  • Inverse Flashing With Hazards: Increases visibility during roadside emergencies by flashing your auxiliary lights inversely to your hazard lights.
  • Plug & Play Horn Installation: Connect high power aftermarket horns like our SoundBomb™ easily without needing an extra harness or relay.
  • Deceleration Activated "Smart Brake" Technology: The CANsmart™ reads vehicle speed to activate your auxiliary brake light during deceleration before you even touch the brake.
  • Circuit Function Selector: Select any accessory to run on any of the four circuits with the Circuit Function Selector in the CANsmart software.
  • Switched Power Source: Clean switched 12V power that turns on and off with your ignition.
  • Delay Time Out: Set your accessories to stay powered up to 30 seconds after you turn off your bike.
  • On Board Power: Ideal for powering your GPS, phone, heated gear, or any other electronic device.

Order your DENALI CANsmart™ Controller GEN II for KTM 890 & new 1290 series today and revolutionize your motorcycle accessory management!

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    Denali Accessory Management CANsmart™ Controller GEN II - KTM 890 & New 1290 Series

    Denali CANsmart™ Controller GEN II - KTM 890 & New 1290 Series

    $ 599.00 AUD

    Denali CANsmart™ Controller GEN II - KTM 890 & New 1290 Series

    $ 599.00 AUD
    • CANsmart™ Controller
    • (x2) 5.5ft Light Extension Cables
    • 5ft SoundBomb Horn Extension Cable
    • B6 Brake Light Wiring Adapter
    • Zip-ties
    • Adhesive Hook-and-Loop Fastener
    • Micro USB Programming Cable


    All KTM 890 Models (2020-Current)
    All KTM 1290s (2021-Current)

    *KTM 890 Limitations
    Due to variances with the KTM 890’s factory wiring harness, the following limitations apply:

    • Auxiliary Light One & Two Dimming and ON/OFF functions are not available from bikes factory controls (All dimming and light settings need to be configured in the CANsmart Accessory Manager Software)
    • Turn signal circuit function not available.
    • Cancel auxiliary lights with turn signal feature not available.
    • Flash auxiliary lights as turn signal feature not available.
    • The auxiliary brake light activates with the front brake lever only
    • KTM Dongle feature not available

    If dimming your auxiliary lighting on-the-fly is important to you we recommend using our DialDim Lighting Controler which enables on-the-fly dimming and control of up to two sets of aux lights. Keep in mind that both products can be installed on your 890 together, so a logical setup would be two sets of aux lights on a DialDim while your horn, brake lights, DRLs, or other accessories can be powered from the CANsmart.

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