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Why choose HogLights?

by Bold Apps 14 Aug 2018 0 Comments

Wish the a$$holes could see you when you’re riding?

Sick of the dull yellow glow of your OEM headlight?

HogLights are bright AF, simple fit lights (true story!) If you don’t wanna take our word for it, check out some of the hundreds of 5 ⭐️reviews on our website.

Extra bonus: HogLights ain’t just for hogs...our lights fit over 1300 hundred models of bikes!! Ask us now and we’ll let you know!!

Surprisingly, we also actually give a 💩 about our customers and offer you:

👍🏻 SEVEN year warranty
👍🏻 Plug and play lights (legit, it’s a 2 beer job) 
👍🏻 Fair price (you’ll be surprised)
👍🏻 Genuine CREE chips
👍🏻 Tough polycarbonate lenses 
👍🏻 ADR compliance
👍🏻 Free shipping in Oz
👍🏻 Fast delivery 
👍🏻 Support on hand 
👍🏻 Family run, Aussie business 
👍🏻 Over 120 stockists world wide

Drop us a message or give us a call at the shop on 07 3350 3000, to chat about lighting up your ride!!

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