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Revolutionize Your Ride: The FusionFX™ LED Lighting Evolution by HogLights

by Nathan Ford 27 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Revolutionize Your Ride: The FusionFX™ LED Lighting Evolution by HogLights

Standout from the Crowd with FusionFX™

Hey Riders,

Welcome to the bright side with FusionFX™ by HogLights, where the old, dull LEDs are a thing of the past! We're bringing you into a new era of motorcycle lighting that's all about bold, seamless illumination to make every journey lit.

The Heart of FusionFX™

Dive deep into our revolutionary, fully diffused LED lighting. It's all about smashing those pesky dots and shadows for a solid, standout glow. FusionFX™ isn't just lighting; it's about making a statement with every turn.

Spotlight on Our Stars

From sleek indicator inserts to dazzling DRLs and everything in between, FusionFX™ is here to revamp your Harley Davidson with unmatched style and safety. Expect nothing but intense, uniform light that elevates your ride.

  • FusionFX™ Indicator Inserts: Enhance front turn signals with amber or smoke lens options, providing a bright, uniform light without dots or shadowing.
  • FusionFX™ DRL Indicator White/Amber: A dual-function design offering white DRL and amber turn signals for clear signaling and enhanced visibility.
  • FusionFX™ DRL Windshield Trims for Street Glide & Road Glide: Combines style and safety with white running lights and amber turn signals, available in black or chrome housings.
  • FusionFX™ Road Glide DRL Vent Insert: Designed for Road Glide models, these inserts enhance front visibility with white running lights and amber turn signals.
  • FusionFX™ Lower Fairing DRL: Offers front-end lighting upgrades for Touring models, available for models from 1998 to 2023, enhancing visibility and aesthetics.
  • FusionFX™ Touring Turn Signal Light Bar: Features pre-wired LEDs for red running, brighter brake lights, and amber turn signals in a sleek package.
  • FusionFX™ Slimline Saddlebag Lights: Designed for HD Touring models, these lights offer dim red running, bright red brake, and amber sequential turn signals under the saddlebag lid.

Each product in the FusionFX™ range is designed to offer unmatched performance, durability, and aesthetics, transforming your riding experience.

Why FusionFX™ Rocks

It's simple: state-of-the-art LED tech meets killer design. Want to light up your front end or add some flair to the rear? FusionFX™ has got a tailored solution ready to roll. It's all about upgrading your ride's look while boosting visibility and safety.

In short, FusionFX™ by HogLights is changing the game in motorcycle illumination. With every product crafted for the ultimate performance and durability, it's time to elevate your bike's aesthetics and safety. Illuminate your journey with the latest in LED tech and let FusionFX™ light up your ride.

Check out the full range – your brighter ride awaits!


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