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Murdered Out Monster from Slick Customs

by Nicki Day 16 Oct 2020 0 Comments
We love showing off our dealers’ builds. Here’s a mad murdered out monster from the talented crew Slick Customs 🔥🔥🔥🔥
What a monster of a bike 👌 the big wheel bagger is done. This has been a pretty massive build, and all the work done has been done by Slick Customs.
26 Inch Jade Front Wheel
@americansuspension Bolt on Neck Kit, Front and Rear Air Bags with Super Tanker
@pickardusa Cut Throat Wrap around front guard
@customdynamics LED Rear Lights, Number plate Surround and Tri-Bar
@hoglights 7 inch Half Halo LED Headlight
Paint done by us at Slick Customs this bike is unbelievable, handles incredibly well and looks totally bad ass 🤘 this build has been an absolute pleasure.
Big shout out to @rolliesspeedshop for being able to supply all the lights for this build.
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