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Lighting up the Himalayan: An Installation Journey

by Nathan Ford 23 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Lighting up the Himalayan: An Installation Journey

When Gordon and Kenyon, a pair of motorcycle-riding brothers, rolled up to the HogLights headquarters with two identical Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycles, we knew we had a unique project on our hands. The mission? To install top-tier LED lighting products to brighten the brothers' rides, offering enhanced visibility and improved safety.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The first order of business was to swap out the stock headlight for our brilliant 7" 80w HogLight. Offering superior illumination using robust LED technology, the new headlight would provide Gordon and Ken with unparalleled visibility in any weather conditions. A hassle-free installation was ensured with the HogLight's plug-and-play feature, giving the bikes a much-needed luminous upgrade.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", Or, in our case, a single light.

7" 80w HogLight LED Headlight

Control at Your Fingertips

Next up was integrating a sophisticated Dialdim Controller with a complete wiring harness. This intelligent device, the Denali DialDim™ Lighting Controller, offers advanced control and monitoring functionalities for auxiliary lights, allowing independent control and dimming of two sets of lights. Featuring a multi-colour halo dimming switch, it also serves as a battery monitor, turning off lights automatically if the voltage drops too low.

Denali DialDim Controller

Illuminating the Path with Auxiliary Lighting

Auxiliary lighting was installed next, with the Denali D3 and Denali DM serving as the primary and secondary lighting options. Installed with a one-spot lens and combo lens for the best visibility, the Denali D3 offers immense flexibility for the riders, allowing them to adjust the lighting based on their needs. The Denali DM, equipped with amber flood lenses, aids in low-light conditions, helping to cut through fog, dust or rain.

Two different types of Driving Light Mounts were used to mount these lighting options on the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The Articulating Bar Clamp 21mm-29mm was used for the D3's on the crash bar, while the Articulating Bar Clamp 50mm-60mm, mounted on the fork tubes, offered the best spread effect for the DM's.

With this, our progress on the lighting transformation reached the first major milestone. Stay tuned for the next stage of our installation journey, where we delve into turn signals, brake lights and the acoustics of sound.

Denali D3 and DM LED Auxiliary Lights

Turning on the Signals

Once the primary and auxiliary lights were installed and tested, the focus shifted towards the signal lights. The aim was to replace the stock indicators with more dynamic and brighter options.

Our Front T3 Switchback M8 Led Turn Signals were selected as replacements for the standard front indicators on the Royal Enfield Himalayan. These lights benefit from functioning as running lights and then switching to turn signals when activated, increasing the bike's visibility.

The T3 Modular Switchback Signal Pods were also fitted to the Royal Enfield's handguards. These extra signals offer an enhanced level of safety, ensuring the rider's intentions are clearly visible to those sharing the road.

Denali T3 on handguards DRL and indicators

Hit the Brakes

The brake light is a critical part of a motorcycle, providing a visual signal to drivers behind that the bike is slowing down or stopping. We installed the Rear T3 Switchback M8 Led Turn Signals for the rear. Like their front counterparts, these lights serve triple functions, performing as running lights, brake lights and switching to turn indicators as needed.

We added our B6 LED Brake Light Kit With License Plate Mount to complement the stock brake light to ensure maximum visibility. These brake lights offer an intense, eye-catching red light that is hard to miss, increasing safety on the road.

Denali T3 and B6 run brake and indicators

Making Some Noise

Last but not least, a SoundBomb Split Air Horn was fitted to each motorcycle. The compressor was hidden underneath the tank, with the horn mounted in the stock location, creating a sleek look without compromising performance. The SoundBomb offers a sharp, ear-catching sound that alerts surrounding drivers and pedestrians to the motorcycle's presence, contributing to overall safety.

"Visibility and audibility are the keys to safety in traffic. Lights and horns are not just accessories but essential parts of a motorcycle."

At this point, the lighting and sound transformation for the Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles was complete. In the final part of our installation journey, we'll focus on the additional components provided by the customers for installation, enhancing the functionality and convenience of their bikes.

Denali SoundBomb Horn Install

Adding Comfort and Convenience

Having completed boosting the safety and visibility of the motorcycles, we moved on to enhance the rider's comfort and functionality. The customers supplied us with several add-on features, starting with Oxford HotGrips EVO Adventure, temperature-controlled grips that ensure comfortable riding in colder conditions.

Stay Connected on the Go

To aid in navigation and keep the riders connected, we installed the QuadLock Weather Proof Wireless Charging Head. Working in conjunction with the QuadLock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount and the QuadLock Motorcycle Vibration Dampner, it provided a secure and easily accessible mount for their smartphones. Now, whether they're navigating the winding roads or taking a call (while stationary, of course), their smartphones are within easy reach.

Royal Enfield Dash with Oxford, Innovv & Denali accessories

Capturing the Journey

Finally, an Innovv K5 Powersports Motorcycle Dash Cam was installed on each bike to document their adventurous rides. This cutting-edge dashcam captures high-resolution footage of their trips and serves as a reliable eyewitness in case of any incidents.

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." - Tim Cahill

Innovv K5 Dash Cam

Wrapping Up

And just like that, the transformation of the two Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles was complete. The new LED lighting fixtures installed by the HogLights team have added a sleek, modern aesthetic to the bikes and significantly improved visibility and safety.

Meanwhile, the additional elements installed per the customers' requests further increased the motorcycles' comfort, functionality, and convenience. From the warmth of the heated grips to the usefulness of the smartphone mount and dash cam, it significantly enhances Gordon and Kenyon's riding experience.

As they rolled out of the HogLights headquarters, the glow of the LED lights illuminating their path, we knew that we had equipped them with the best. The open road awaited them, and their journey lit up by the top-tier lighting products of HogLights.

For some more images, have a look at the gallery here.

Do you have a motorcycle that could use an upgrade? Visit HogLights today and discover the difference high-quality LED lighting can make on your riding experience.

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