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About Us

Welcome to HogLights Australia!

We aim to provide you great quality LED lighting products at a reasonable price, backed up by good service and a smile.  We are a family run small business and back our products 100%.  If you have an issue or a question, you know we are there to answer the phone and help you out.  We offer a 5 year warranty on our headlights - none of this 12 month warranty crap!! 

We don't just sell motorcycle LED headlights and our lights aren't just for Hogs! Our lights are not only used in bikes, but trucks, hot rods and cars.  Have a look through our online store to see whats available for your ride. 

We design and develop our own products through a process of research, testing, industry knowledge and customer feedback.  Our lights may look similar to the copies out there, but rest assured, the internals are where it counts!  We use genuine CREE LED chips (yes there are copies of those too!) along with quality electronic components to ensure our products last.  We research the fuck out our products during development, to ensure we can offer great quality! 

We were the first (and still are the only) to introduce RHD LED light patterns (which comply with ECE113 - Aussie legal!) for the Australian motorcycle market.  We offer a 5 year warranty on motorcycle LED headlights.  We were the first to introduce the FXDF headlight with a simple plug & play kit to allow for “No More Cyclops!”.  We designed the VRod LED headlight, which has become one of our biggest & best sellers.  

With over 400 reviews online it seems we're dong something right! (We publish ALL reviews, positive & negative).  We’ ship all over the globe – not too bad for a little startup!!

We are continually looking to fill market gaps, drive sales and build business, our business, our dealers' business and our distributors' businesses.

We've now partnered with Rollies Speed Shop Distribution and our lights are available throughout their entire dealer network. 

You will always get people who want cheap – that will happen.  Our motto is to offer a quality product at a reasonable price so everyone gets value!